Heating elements

Heating elements are available for both 80W and 150W irons. As these units are submitted to high temperature, they need to be replaced from time to time and as such can easily be changed when necessary.

3 advantages of the mta soldering heating element design

  1. The soldering tips are separate from the heating elements. As the less expensive tips are consumed, you replace them only. The heating elements generally last much longer than solder tips and can last for years.
  2. The tip surrounds the heating element. This design places the thermocouple deep inside the tip for very accurate reading of what is happening at the solder joint. The temperature controller can quickly react to minute changes at the solder joint while the tip still has heat in it.
  3. The tip surrounds the heating element so all of the heat radiating outward passes directly into the tip.  This design is very efficient and heats the tip quickly.

Article number


5-0005-03-215-10 Heating element 80W
5-0084-01-122-00 Heating element 150W

Selective soldering solutions

PDF - mta_selective_soldering_05.2017.pdf /8.3 mb


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