Solder paste dispensing heads

Solder paste dispensers for laser and induction

The soldering market is heading towards smaller and smaller applications. Therefore, the size of the solder wire and the influence of its contact with the components become a limit for the achievable process accuracy.

In order to ensure the excellence of its laser and induction processes with the smallest parts, Unitechnologies now has the capability to integrate solder paste jet dispenser or traditional solder paste dispenser. This is integrated directly next to the soldering head, and within the same equipment.

The proximity between the solder paste dispenser and the soldering process ensures a perfect mastering of the complete process. Moreover, due to the complete integration of both process steps within the same automated equipment, the investment costs can be optimized.

3 reasons to choose the solder paste jet dispenser

  1. No accessibility problems due to non-contact solder paste dispensing process.
  2. Dedicated to very small dispensed solder paste quantity.
  3. No solder wire positioning or adjustment.

2 reasons to choose the traditional solder paste dispenser

  1. Used for medium up to large quantities of solder paste.
  2. Optimized cycle time and more effective process through combined solder paste dispensing and soldering operation.

  • Solder paste jet dispenser
  • Mainly dedicated for PCBs
  • High precision dispensing of very small volume of solder paste
  • Typical process: jet dispensing, i.e. jetting of solder paste combined with laser micro-soldering

  • Traditional solder paste dispenser
  • Mainly dedicated for PCBs and connectors
  • High precision dispensing of large volume of solder paste
  • Typical process: solder paste dispensing comined with induction or laser soldering

The standard solder paste jet and traditional solder paste dispensers come well-equipped:

  • Dispenser head structure
  • Needle or nozzle according to application
  • Purge bin
  • Controller

Only for the traditional dispenser

  • Cleaning unit

Options within mta platforms:

  • Monitoring camera
  • Robot recentering camera
  • Vision quality control
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Container with or without mixer
  • Level detection – tank or cartridge
  • Complete handling of material processing system e.g. recirculation, material pre-heating, etc.

Only for the traditional dispenser

  • Needle recentering system
  • Automated sponge humidification system

Solder paste jet dispenser

  • Minimum dispensing amount  4nl/shot
  • Maximum operating frequency  333Hz
  • Container  cartridges or tanks (many different sizes)
  • Air pressure  6 bar
  • Dispenser dimensions  77 x 91 x 138 mm
  • Dispenser weight  ~700 g
  • Controller power and frequency  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Controller power consumption  max. 110VA


Traditional solder paste dispenser 

  • Dispensing amount  up to Ø 0.75 mm
  • Maximum operating frequency  more than 300 cycles/minute / 5Hz
  • Container  cartridges (10 cm³ and 30 cm³) or tanks
  • Air pressure  2.1 bar (30 psi)
  • Dispenser dimensions  38 x 94 x 196 mm
  • Dispenser weight  ~390 g
  • Controller power and frequency  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Controller power consumption  15W

Selective soldering solutions

PDF - mta_selective_soldering_05.2017.pdf /8.3 mb


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