Induction head

mta’s induction head is appropriate for robots soldering joints that have a high thermal mass and require more heat to solder. Other heating methods must allow time for the heat to migrate from outside-in; whereas, the induction system is able to create heat within the part to greatly reduce process time.

We can integrate the induction soldering head on any of our standard soldering platforms including: MRC500, TR300, OEM, and station.

The main features of our induction head include:

  • Quickly heats parts with high thermal mass
  • We can shape the coil to meet specific application requirements
  • Solid-state control
  • Non-contact soldering
  • The jam-free wire feeder mounted directly on the head provides tight process control
  • Suitable for brazing (hard alloy)
  • Non-conductive parts of the components to be soldered are not heated by the induction
  • Lead-free compatible

8 reasons to choose the mta induction soldering head

  1. Inductive soldering quickly heats high-mass parts. Therefore, it is an excellent technology for heavy/multi-layer boards, large cable terminals, non-electronic parts, and many others.
  2. Inductive fields heats without damaging the product. Inductive fields penetrate the material to create heat form inside the board. This uniform heating method does not burn the outer surface. By contrast, technologies that push heat from the outside-inward, can damage the outer surface before the joint reaches reflow temperature.
  3. There are no stamped sheet metal or die-cast parts. We machined the robust head structure from solid material to provide a rigid platform for the iron and wire feeder.
  4. The clamping system provides easy adjustment and precise alignment. Once tightened, the position will not change until loosened – there is no risk of accidental misalignment as a result of heavy use or while changing tips.
  5. We mounted our precise jam-free wire feeder directly on the head – at the solder joint.  This provides tight process control of the wire feed. Solder wire does not kink or get jammed since there is no long feed tube. Once the correct amount is fed, the wire feeder pulls the wire out of the solder pool to prevent solder spatter.
  6. We integrated the fume extraction nozzle into the head itself. Therefore, it is mounted directly above the solder joint to safely remove fumes.
  7. In addition to the inductor, wire feeder, and fume extraction nozzle, the head can support several optional devices such as: cameras, flux dispensers, dual feeders, dual irons and the list goes on.
  8. Very low consumables – no iron tips or cleaning sponges.

  • Automotive battery head cable
  • 1 soldered point with induction head
  • Point size of 16 mm

  • Temperature sensor
  • 2 soldered point with induction head
  • Point size of 1.5 mm

  • Hard soldering of a textile cutting tool
  • 1 soldered point with induction head
  • Point size of 4 mm

The standard soldering induction head comes well-equipped:

  • Soldering head structure
  • Induction coil
  • Wire feeder
  • Solder wire
  • Fume extractor nozzle
  • Chiller
  • Induction generator and controller

Options within mta platforms:

  • Monitoring camera
  • Recentering camera
  • Vision quality control
  • Pyrometer
  • Fume extraction system
  • Part presence sensor
  • Part height measuring sensor
  • Induction head coil power  max. 32kVar or 45kVar
  • Induction head coil diameter  min. 4 mm and max. 12 mm
  • Induction head dimensions  123 x 95 x 62.5 mm
  • Induction head weight  ~2 kg
  • Generator dimensions  275 x 265 x 140 mm
  • Generator weight  ~10 kg
  • Generator power supply  230V/50-60Hz
  • Chiller pressure  min. 3.5 bar – supply: 1.5 – 2 l/min.
  • Controller dimensions  275 x 265 x 140 mm
  • Controller weight  ~5.7 kg

Selective soldering solutions

PDF - mta_selective_soldering_05.2017.pdf /8.3 mb


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